Strengthened Capacity of Indigenous Communities

Using the resources made available by the WWF-Guianas Sweet Water Project we were able to use murals to connect with a local artist Nigel Butler and several non-governmental organisations, such as Ecotrust Society, Silent Walls Murals, University of Guyana Biology Club
along with the owner of this wall, Guyana Human Rights Association to implement community-led changes in the knowledge, attitudes and practices of individuals concerning environmental protection.

On the 29th December 2021, Policy Forum Guyana in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund Guianas, Ecotrust Society, University of Guyana Biology Club and the Guyana Human Rights Association created a vibrant and impactful mural, “Care for our Common
Home”. This was done, not only to bring awareness to our ongoing campaign for climate Justice under the slogan ‘CHANGE LIFESTYLES NOT CLIMATE’ on 29th October 2021 to coincide with the start of COP26 but to pay tribute to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si. This letter reminds us that our common home, Earth, is like a mother who sustained and protected us but now cries out to us for help because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the resources.

These statements of the Pope echoes the findings of numerous scientists, philosophers, theologians and civic groups as such we saw it fit to highlight these reflections in our mural. To create an everlasting impact, Policy Forum Guyana utilized an 18ft x 8ft section of a wall on the Guyana Human Rights Centre building on the corner of Hadfield and Austin Place to display an awareness message. To transform this wall into a mural representing our roles in caring for the earth, with the words; “OUR COMMON HOME” the young local Guyanese artist, Nigel Butler with the assistance of seven volunteers took a total of two days (29th & 31st December 2021).

In addition, to the mural Policy Forum Guyana decided to demonstrate how we can care for our common home, by cleaning the gutters, washing the fence and creating a flower garden around the Guyana Human Rights Centre, during the days leading up to the mural.