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World Literacy Day 2023

World Literacy Day, observed on September 8, 2023, carried the theme “Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies.” In line with this theme, Policy Forum Guyana organized a session involving two schools: Smith Memorial Primary School and Live Learners & Edutainment Elite. The session featured the read-aloud storybook “Kyle Learns About Freshwater,” originally created in 2020 and later revised in 2021. The updated version of the book was utilized.

The “Glass It Up” Upcycling Competition

Solid Waste Management is one of the most pressing issues not just in Guyana but worldwide. Proper garbage disposal is often overdue due to a lack of Education and environmental consciousness; it is human behaviour that has brought us to this point. Our current economic system encourages competition and consumerism, leading to the destruction of natural resources and global warming. Improper Solid Waste Management leads to land and water pollution. However, with the dissemination of information on recycling, reusing, and reducing waste, along with penalties for improper disposal. The “Glass It Up” competition stands as a solution to the solid waste problem in Guyana. We often overlook the potential of glass bottles that lie in drains, on the banks of seawalls, and in other public places. As we know, glass is non-biodegradable and therefore, does not break down like other materials.

Beat the Heat, Boost Literacy

Policy Forum Guyana under the theme ‘Beat the Heat, Boost Literacy’ decided to donate a fan and books to Seafield Primary School at West Coast Berbice on 14th September, 2023. This initiative is linked to the World literacy Day project conducted on September 8, 2023 at Smith’s Memorial Primary School and Live Learners & Edutainment Elite.

Back to School Fun Day Camp

Policy Forum Guyana in collaboration with the Lions and Leos of the Georgetown Stabroek Clubs decided to organise a Back to School event for the children living on and around Durban Street. It is noted that some children in this area are impoverished and are unable to afford essential school items. Freedom to education is a fundamental human right and children having access to educational facilities would gain equal opportunities in life. In addition, children gaining an education can move up the social ladder.

AIS Coastal Clean-up Campaign – International Coastal Clean-Up Day 2023

For International Coastal Clean-Up Day 2023 Policy Forum Guyana participated in the
Archipelagic Island States Forum coastal clean-up campaign which was headed by Hema Persaud
who is the AIS Forum Youth Ambassador for Guyana on Saturday 16th September at Unity Beach, Mahaica. The Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum is a platform designed to include 51 archipelagic and island states around the world to take part in a collective forum addressing sustainable development issues.

Project Aqua Voice – “World Water Day 2023”

Humans depend on freshwater to survive, freshwater provides us with drinking water, agriculture, energy and supports ecosystems. Although freshwater is vital for life only 3 percent of the earth’s water is freshwater. Human activities have had a detrimental effect on the availability of freshwater. Therefore, it is imperative to educate children and young people.
about how their lifestyle affects the environment around them.

Leo Club of Georgetown Stabroek’s International Youth Day Celebration

  Event: Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World On August 12, 2023, in honor of International Youth Day, the Leo Club of Georgetown Stabroek extended a warm invitation to Policy Forum Guyana (PFG) to lead an engaging session for its members aged 18 to 30. The event aimed to empower young individuals with …

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