Policy Forum Guyana in collaboration with WWF Guianas held an online poster competition for Earth Day under the theme, “Water Unites Us All” 2020. This competition was from Earth Hour to Earth day (March 28 – April 22, 2020).

“Water Unites Us All” Earth day Poster Competition was implemented with the hope that these posters will inspire a multitude of persons to see how important water is and therefore will be mobilized to ensure its protection. Each entry displayed incredible originality and vision as well as obvious concern for this vital resource as they highlighted the unifying properties of water.

The winner was judged by the number of likes accumulated after the poster was uploaded on Facebook. Eight (8) creative and competitive individuals (1 male and 7 females) all between the age range of 10- 25 years old participated in this competition. All posters displayed in its creative way, the theme “Water unites us all”. The competition came to an end on April 21st 2020. It was on this day that PFG staff realized that thanks to this competition were able to gain 1227 new followers (1022 females and 205 males).

 On April 22, 2020 (Earth Day), PFG announced the first, second, and third winners of the competition. These were:

  • Inspired and talented eighteen-year-old Traci Sewchand copped first place with a total of two hundred fifty- eight (258) likes, twenty- five (25) shares and twenty-one (21) comments.
  • One of our youngest and brilliant competitors 11-year-old Erania Daniels was awarded second place receiving a total of two hundred forty- nine (249) likes, twenty- two shares (22) and eighty-six (86) comments. 
  • With a total of two hundred nine (209) likes, thirteen (13) shares and fifty- eight (58) comments twenty- five (25) year old Micaela Reece a young woman with a vision was awarded third place.
  • Participants who ranked 4th – 8th place were Sandra Jardine (23 years old), Devi Sankar (22 years old), Nicara Coxall (11 years old), Halley Hernandez (11 years old) and Andrew Plant (10 years old), respectively.
  • At the end of the competition, all participants received a digital certificate of participation. In addition to certificates our first to third place winners were expected to receive an all-expense-paid Essequibo River Tour Trip, Gift Voucher from Austin Bookstores and Green Deer Guyana Reusable Bamboo Straw kit

The year 2020 is dealing with a very serious and challenging issue i.e. Climate Action, which is also the theme for World Earth Day 2020. This is one of the biggest global issues for humanity and all living beings unless we start implementing preventive measures for climate change. Our future generations and the entire planet will be in grave danger unless we all rise to take collective action on an individual level and demand for better policies governing these resources. We at Policy Forum Guyana believed that despite this competition has ended, the 26,633 persons who were reached by this activity understand that any small contribution (e.g. no littering) can make a huge difference to the pollution-free environment we need to survive.