Guyana Green State Development Strategy (GSDS)

GSDS Project Timeline

Quick Facts

Total Project Budget: US$ 1.2 Million

Partner Entity: United Nations Environmental Programme

Implementing Agency: Office of Climate Change

Project Background and Summary

This project aims to respond and articulate the increasing demand for methodological and analytical support for the development of a long-term platform illustrating strategies and the necessary policies that will ensure the enabling conditions for Guyana’s transition to a green economy, and achieving the ultimate goal of sustainable development. The project will support multidisciplinary research, knowledge exchange and country engagement to help Guyana to transform their national economic structures to greener economy pathways, greening the economic sectors, generating new market opportunities and decent jobs, enhancing low-carbon efforts and climate resilience and sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Status Update

The United Nations Environmental Programme, along with the Government of Guyana conducted stakeholder engagements from December 13th – 15th 2016 with the Private Sector, Civil Society, Youth Groups, Women’s Organisations, Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral development partners, and Government Agencies.

GSDS Officials Meet with President

A draft framework document, considering many of the inputs from the initial stakeholder engagements, has been developed and highlights Guyana’s vision for an inclusive, green and prosperous State, the underlying principles and central themes of the Green State Development Strategy, financing and resource mobilization, and the institutional process for elaboration of the Green State Development Strategy.

The project document is posted to the GRIF website for public review and comments.

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