Policy Forum Guyana in Collaboration with World Wildlife Fund Guianas decided to have a social media campaign called Healthy River, Healthy People. This campaign focused on increasing freshwater awareness by educating the public on the usefulness and importance of rivers, the threats facing rivers due to the use of mining and consumption and the need to protect our freshwater resources for our future generations. The campaign was initially scheduled for the month of March but was extended to April in-light of COVID-19 and the engagement we were receiving from the public. Policy forum Guyana made thirteen posts.

Policy Forum Guyana was able to work along with various organizations to help circulate the healthy river healthy people posts. By updating them and sharing the link to the post when they were uploaded. The Healthy Rivers Healthy People Social Media Campaign was able to reach a large number of individuals on Facebook and Instagram, educating and encouraging them about the importance of our rivers. With the final Post which was the “Keep our Rivers Alive Video” reaching the most individuals (32,393 persons).