Learning Series on Mining: The School of Rock- An Insight into Mineral Fiscal Regimes

Extractives GSG Learning Series on Mining: The School of Rock- An Insight into Mineral Fiscal Regimes



Organized by the World Bank’s Energy and Extractives Global Practice


The ‘Mining: The School of Rock’, which is open to an external audience, will offer knowledge and training on issues relating to mineral fiscal regimes. The event is hosted by the WB Extractives Global Solutions Group in collaboration with the 1818 Society.


Tuesday, November 15, 20169:45 am – 4:15 pm ESTVenue: World Bank I Building 2nd floor Room 2501850 I Street NW 

To register and request a visitor pass email:hnguyen20@worldbank.org


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Topic: An Insight into Mineral Fiscal Regimes
Over sixty developing countries are today classified as resource rich. Resource revenues can be used by governments to fund basic public services, undertake public investment and encourage private sector development or can be saved for use by future generations.   In the least developed countries resource revenues can reduce reliance on official development assistance.

The challenge of optimally mobilizing resource revenues involves the government striking the right balance between encouraging revenue-generating investment and capturing an appropriate share of revenues generated. However, the mobilization of increased resource revenues to meet public needs is not possible if the fiscal regime is poorly designed, coupled with a lack of capacity to assess and collect resource revenues. This could either deter investment or under-tax investment, and also lead to significant fiscal leakage compared to fiscal potential (Africa Progress Panel 2013).

The aim of this session will be to explore recent trends and innovations in Mineral Fiscal Regime design, and to train audience on modelling Mineral Fiscal Regimes.


An Insight into Mineral Fiscal Regimes

Welcome Address [9.45 AM- 10.00 AM]
 Michael Stanley, Global Lead, Extractives
Recent Trends and Developments in Mineral Fiscal Regimes [10 AM – 12 Noon]
Presentation: Introduction and building blocks of mineral fiscal regimes

(a)   Recent developments

(b)   Economy wide, and mineral-sector specific fiscal instruments and  Q & A

Presentation: Innovations in designing Mineral Fiscal Regimes

(a)     Government Objectives/What Investors Seek (b)   The Key Decisions in Designing a Mineral Fiscal Regime and Q & A




John Strongman, Extractive Industries Expert, 1818 Society

Staff training on modeling Mineral Fiscal Regimes [1 PM – 4PM]
–          Presentation: Modeling the Mineral Fiscal Regime – Quantifying the Tax Take from the different fiscal instruments

(a)   Why Modeling matters – calculating the Average Effective Tax Rate (AETR) and Pre-Tax/Post Tax Rates of Return

(b)   An example of a basic Mineral Fiscal Model – structure and inputs

–          Workshop:  Comparing Country-specific Mineral Fiscal Regimes and Protecting Against Tax Minimization Behaviors

(a)    Using the Model to Compare the AETRs for Fifteen Different Countries

(b)   Protecting Against Profit-shifting and Other Tax Minimization/Avoidance Behaviors




John Strongman, Extractive Industries Expert, 1818 Society

Note of Thanks [4 PM-4.15 PM]
Michael Stanley, Global Lead, Extractives

Bio of Presenter


John Strongman is an Extractive Industries expert, and a member of the 1818 Society. During his nearly 30 years at the World Bank, John was involved in the full range of mining development issues in all regions of the world.

– In the 1980s this was primarily project-level lending for new mining projects.

– In the 1990s his focus moved on from lending for new projects to sector-wide restructuring, including mining policy, legal, regulatory and fiscal reforms and privatization of state mining enterprises.  It also included the development of Mining and Environment Technical Assistance operations.

– From 2000 – 2007, as the World Bank’s Mining Advisor he was responsible for guiding and leading much of the mining work as it evolved into “sustainable mining development”. He was also involved in starting the “women in mining” work.

– His operational experience includes being Task Manager and Team Leader for over USD 1,300 million in mining lending.

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