Monitoring Covid-19 In The Community

A program was created to promote the monitoring and reporting of the effectiveness of key public health indicators affecting COVID-19 at the community level.

Information about the pandemic after it first reached the shores of Guyana was limited. Medications and other supplies, to strengthen the immune system in aid of fighting this virus became expensive. Persons began to panic, because of the impact they heard Covid-19 had on the other infected countries.

Policy Forum Guyana, with the aid of OSF, was able to assist ECD7 Cleanup Committee to update and distribute leaflets to inform persons about the virus. They were also eduaceted, about the natural home remedies that they can use in their fight against COVID-19. This distribution was done by electronic mail, social media platforms, and 600 hundred copies were shared to places of worship, bus stops, market places, pharmacies, medical centers, and schools.

The OSF also afforded us the opportunity to place a 67×7 ft mural on the fence of a business in the poor district of Georgetown. Toolsie Persaud Limited was selected as the best option for the mural based on its location in a nearby poor area, located on Lombard Street, Georgetown.

It is a reminder of the connection between man and nature. It is quoted with the saying from Dr. Seuss’ the Lorax.

“Humans are a part of nature and if we destroy it we are destroying ourselves and the generations of the future.”

The mural attracted approximately, 291 persons within 5 days of it being posted on our Facebook page and resulted in the distribution of 200 additional leaflets. One man had opted for his remarks on the mural to be videoed and featured on our Facebook page and 721 persons to date. In addition, the picture of the Living in Harmony with Nature and Society mural which was shared on the Facebook page engaged 1129 persons