Oil and Gas Booklet

The Booklet, with a focus on the emerging Oil and Gas sector in Guyana, has provided an example of a methodology for a wider range of society to participate in the decision-making process through increased awareness and involvement. As a result of this work undertaken by Policy Forum Guyana with respect to Oil and Gas in Guyana, the attention and support of two international environmental organisations: The Goa Foundation in India and the Future We Need, a global umbrella movement, have been garnered.

After months of information gathering, through desk review and attending several workshops and discussion fora, in September 2019, Policy Forum Guyana produced a booklet entitled: “Becoming an Oil Producer: The Future we haven’t discussed,”. In an attempt to publicise this booklet, Policy Forum Guyana made several posts on our Facebook page highlighting key texts from the booklet on the 13th and 14th November 2019, which reached 424 and 904 persons respectively. It was through these posts that “The Future We Need” and the “Goa Foundation” were able to notice our booklet and then formally reach out to us via email about the possibilities of collaborating in the future.

Below is a picture of the booklet entitled: “Becoming an Oil Producer: The Future we haven’t discussed.''

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