Despite facing challenges posed by heavy rainfall and flood warnings, Policy Forum Guyana successfully launched its 1.5oC Lifestyle Campaign on April 22nd with resounding success. Over 150 attendees gathered at the Marian Academy Auditorium to participate in the event, which was aligned with this year’s Earth Day theme, “Investing in Our Planet.” The campaign seeks to encourage sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyles, and the event served as a platform to promote this message.

The 1.5oC Lifestyle Campaign challenged destructive ways of living that have contributed to the climate crisis. It fostered pathways to a more unified, healthier, and inclusive youth-led future. The event had a Zero Single-Use Plastic Policy in place which was strictly enforced.


The mini expo showcased environmentally-related science fair projects, a paint-by-numbers mural, music, and several lifesize games. Attendees of all ages played The River Defenders Saul-Out, Threatened Species Scavenger Hunt, Migratory Birds Hopscotch, Sustainable Development Goals Memory Game, Earth Day Word Search, Eco-Snake and Ladder, Earth Helper and River Guardians Freshwater Boardgame, making the event both fun and educational.

JARS Zero Waste, Environmental Health Advocacy and Research (EHAR) Consultancy, local author Ms Bowry, Nix Butler (Mural Designer), Santa Rosa Secondary, Marian Academy, Virginia Primary, Queen’s College, Friendship Secondary, New Amsterdam Multilateral, Brickdam Secondary, and Bygeval Secondary showcased their commitment to a 1.5 oC Lifestyle, making the event a memorable success.

“The issue is that many climate change policies focus on new technologies and changes in production while underestimating the importance of lifestyle changes. We are excited to commemorate Earth Day 2023 with an event that encourages the participants to limit climate change to a maximum of 1.5oC warming in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, the approach involves integrating actions into daily life. Such changes demand collective efforts at the individual, community, and national levels. Additionally, changing consumer behaviour and adopting new technologies are necessary. However, the implementation of these efforts needs to be continuous over several years,” said Benita Davis, the Project Coordinator. “Our organization has always focused on projects that have a direct impact on youths, and we are thrilled to have so many persons participate in this event.”

Policy Forum Guyana expresses its deep appreciation to the Marian Academy Administration for their swift action in making the Auditorium available when it became clear that the heavy rainfall would wash out the planned outdoor event. Their timely assistance enabled the 1.5oC Lifestyle Campaign to proceed as planned and even reach a wider audience.

Furthermore, Policy Forum Guyana would like to extend sincere gratitude to Open Society Foundation,, Darthan Investments, Our Universe Rising, and the Pan American Development Foundation for the various ways they supported this event. Their assistance helped to spread the message of sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyles and make the event a success.

Policy Forum Guyana believes that such partnerships are vital to drive meaningful change, and your support has assisted us in creating an inspiring event that encourages positive changes towards limiting climate change.

For those interested in getting involved, please visit the event page or website, or contact Policy Forum Guyana via or 227-4908 and 707-3507. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate our planet and make a positive impact. Let’s make Every Day Earth Day.

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