Strengthened Capacity of Indigenous Communities

The Covid-19 pandemic, poses a grave health threat to everyone across the world, more so to the indigenous communities.

Due to a lack of essential supplies such as food, sanitary products, medical supplies, and equipment, an inadequate amount of staff for these medical facilities. As a result of this, the borders and non-essential jobs remain closed or operating with reduced staff.

In order to address this situation, Policy Forum Guyana collaborated with Community-based organizations such as East Coast Cleanup Committee and Faith-Based Organisations like the Catholic Church. During the Month of March 2021, we were able to distribute 150 welfare boxes, which included (food products, sanitizing products, sanitary napkins, diapers, toothpaste), and educational items. These boxes were distributed to regions 1,8 and 9 and assisted over 15 indigenous communities such as Katoonarib .

Katoonarib is a village located in the South Rupununi District and it is also the village where over 45 houses were damaged due to earthquake tremor. In addition, approximately 200 persons were affected due to that during this pandemic.

Thanks to the OSF grant a video entitled ‘Covid-19 Temporarily paused Climate Change’ was created and shared on YouTube and Facebook where it reached 8561 and engaged 748 persons. As a result of this, outcome despite the pandemic and remote nature of these locations we have helped to relieve some of the stress of many indigenous families and Toshaos (village leaders) as well as produce a video that gives people hope about overcoming the climate crisis.