Waramadong Youth Learns to Video

Policy Forum Guyana was able to purchase video equipment (i.e. Panasonic Camcorder) for a Waramadong resident as well as provide the necessary training for its operation. This training was done by a PFG Staff during August 2018. PFG was then able to return the Waramadong resident to her home so she can supply PFG with useful clips vital to our lobby and advocacy for the protection of rivers in the Upper Mazaruni. On December 5, 2018, PFG posted a video on the PFG Facebook page about an elderly resident of Waramadong village sharing her fears on the negative impacts that gold and diamond mining are having on the Kamarang River.

In the village of Waramadong videos are usually done by outsiders. Additionally, locals are quite shy and thus do not openly share their concerns with strangers. Therefore, having a resident trained with videotaping skills allows locals to feel more confident sharing their concerns about gold and diamond mining and protection of rivers. Hence, PFG is able to further strengthen their basis for lobby and advocacy and is also able to produce videos providing coastal people with images of indigenous life.

Below are pictures of Anna of Waramadong Village using the camcorder to take videos.

Link to the video which Anna of Waramadong Village filmed.

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