Winners of Policy Forum Guyana – Earth Day Poster Competition 2020

1st Place Poster By Traci Sewchand.

Description: The poster depicts the earth as the girl who is sick. Under close inspection, it will be observed that her entirety is fractured to some extent (this could signal tectonic plates to one and may leave another in a lugubrious blanket upon realizing how broken earth is). Her skin is green to depict the forest cover on the earth while the rest of her represents the water on earth. This ratio was chosen to reflect the land to water ratio. Now, most of her are blackened. This shows that half of the earth’s forest cover is untouched and that very small amounts of freshwater remain on the earth; the rest is dead. She cries and thinks of the species dying such as the Arapaima or Panda but under the pressure of continuous improvement for humans, she drinks what she shouldn’t anyway. The fluid in the glass held by the man portrays what may be attractive on the outside but highly toxic when ingested; such as mercury in gold mining. This man doesn’t have a particular name because, in different lives, he may take on several forms, such as dreams, desires, science or technology and perhaps even all of them; at least to earth it may look like all of them. The glass of water sitting in the background produces the idea of having two choices. She (earth) can either drink ‘the want’ or ‘the need’. That’s where we come in: let’s bond-like water. Water does connect us in that we all need it. Because of this, we may as well take a page from water’s book although they are not like us: biotic. Water molecules work together and get their job done. They in a sense focus on what is pertinent. To us water is pertinent, and if we too would work together and focus on ensuring that all living things have the freshwater that they need, we would be choosing ‘the need’.
#EarthDay2020 #WaterUnitesUsAll #PosterCompetition

2nd Place Poster By Erania Daniels

The theme of this poster is “Bonding Earth like a Water Molecule”. The black and white image depicts a crying Planet Earth. The flags of countries are displayed in shades of grey, black and white. Earth is crying because of the pollutants we put into the environment such as smokes from factories, deforestation, Bush fires etc. The second image portrays a Green Planet Earth from 2020 onwards. The brightly coloured Planet Earth has outstretched arms of trees. These trees will restore fresh air for us to inhale and purify the atmosphere. From these trees also our luscious rainforests will be restored increasing flora and fauna life. Our Ozone Layer will be healed if we contribute in aiding to heal Planet Earth. So let us bond like water molecule to heal the Earth. Around the brightly coloured Earth are water molecules.

3rd Place Poster By Micaela Reece

Description: The lush green of the mountainous terrain is sustained by the relief rainfall which trickles into small streams creating massive water bodies and picturesque views for tourism and recreation. The rains allow the trees to grow tall, providing food and shelter for both man and animal. Ground water is brought to the surface by the well which can be used to support agricultural and domestic purposes. Man has created networks of potable water. The hose coils into the word ‘Life’ to express that ‘Water is Life’, while the bucket captures the water which would otherwise be wasted. The people represent the spread of ages, genders, cultures and their use of water: -the native people who depend on it for their way of life, -the housewife for her kitchen garden, flower bed and relaxation after chores, -the entrepreneur who awaits his shipment by sea. The heart at the center of the poster brings all of the components together through a continuous stream of blue, to show that “Water Unites Us All” through its global importance across sectors.

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