1.5 Lifestyle Campaign Media Kit

1.5 Media Training Kit

Climate change is a pressing issue facing the world, and it will continue to worsen if actions are not taken. Often, we prioritise things like capitalism and competition over addressing climate issues caused by human activities. This harms our environment, putting essentials like food, clean water, and healthy ecosystems at risk. It’s crucial for young people, the future generation, to decide whether to continue harming the planet or choose a sustainable way of life. It’s time to envision a different way of life that promotes environmental sustainability and benefits us all, such as the 1.5  degrees Celsius Lifestyle. This is where the school’s
environmental club can help by teaching others about what a sustainable ‘lifestyle’ is and why is the 1.5-degree target important. We recognise that significant changes are needed to tackle climate change, including changes in government policies, how we build things, our economic systems, and how society functions. To help make these changes, Policy Forum Guyana has created the ‘1.5 Crew Training Kit’ for distribution to schools across Guyana.

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