Press Release – Appointment of NRF Board of Directors Welcome but Guyanese Deserve an Explanation

Release Date: April 23, 2022

The document from Policy Forum Guyana (PFG) addresses the appointment of the Board of Directors for the Natural Resources Fund (NRF) in Guyana. PFG welcomes the board’s formation but criticizes the lack of transparency and explanation regarding the selection process, particularly the inclusion of UK citizen David Lammy MP and New York-based Guyanese diplomat Carolyn Rodrigues. Concerns are raised about potential conflicts of interest due to their current occupations and the adequacy of their experience in legal, financial, administrative, or business matters. The document also highlights the complexity of the NRF’s structure and the challenges it poses for effective oversight, emphasizing the need for broad-based support and qualified Guyanese involvement in the NRF’s management.
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