Press Release – Civil Society Gears up for Oil and Gas

Release Date: December 1, 2017

This press release from Policy Forum Guyana details a workshop sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, which focused on Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) for the oil and gas sector in Guyana. The workshop, led by Dutch experts from the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessments, aimed to ensure that the country’s new gas and oil discoveries result in positive transformation for all, rather than just well-placed sectors of society1. It emphasized the need for broad-based, structured conversations and cooperative governance involving various stakeholders to plan for constructive transformation. The document also highlighted the advantages of SEAs, such as integrating environmental, social, and economic considerations, and outlined the next steps for engaging civil society organizations and government agencies in decision-making processes related to gas and oil issues. The Minister of Natural Resources expressed support for the initiative and the importance of public participation.
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