Press Release – Guyana Needs Humanitarian Procedures for Venezuelans

Release Date: March 29, 2018

The document is a press release calling for humanitarian procedures for Venezuelans in Guyana. It highlights the influx of Venezuelan migrants, including those of Guyanese origin, due to Venezuela’s economic crisis. The release urges Guyana to adopt policies similar to other South American countries, providing temporary residence and work rights without treating migrants as criminals. It references the severe conditions in Venezuela, including hyperinflation and food shortages, and criticizes the treatment of Venezuelans by Guyanese authorities. The signatories, including human rights and church groups, appeal for a compassionate response, proposing specific measures such as ceasing fines and jail for illegal immigrants, respecting children’s rights, and issuing temporary ID cards. They emphasize the importance of a welcoming attitude from Guyanese citizens towards the displaced Venezuelans.
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