The “Glass It Up” Upscaling Competition

The "Glass It Up" Upcycling Competition

The “Glass it Up” competition was launched on May 22, 2023, and then concluded on August 12th, 2023 with a grand award ceremony at the Guyana National Library. By way of an official post on Policy Forum Guyana’s Facebook and Instagram pages, followed by letters being emailed to various NGOs, Businesses, Religious/ Ethnic  Organisations, and Companies seeking sponsorship or collaboration; these included Banks DIH, Ansa Mcal, Massy, Bounty Supermarket, Central Islamic Organisation, Guyana Dharmic Sabbah, Amerindian Affairs, Girls Guides Guyana, Austain’s Book Store, The Gift Center, KFC Guyana, Camex Restaurant, Toolsie Persaud Group of Companies, The Giftland Mall, Additionally, letters were hand-delivered to 14 schools which included Providence Primary, Mocha Primary, St Joseph High Secondary, Stella Maris Primary, North Georgetown Primary, Richard Ishmel Secondary, North Georgetown Secondary, Vreed-en-Hoop Secondary, Goed Fortune Primary, Westminster Secondary. However, despite reaching out to several schools a total of 4 schools comprised Mocha Primary School, Smith Memorial Primary, Live Learner & Edutainment Elite and Lusignan Learners, and 1 Independent Group which was the Bosco Boys Orphanage; but this collective team generated a total of 15 teams, most of which was from the Lusignan Learning Center with 6 teams in total and Smith Memorial Primary School with 3 teams. This competition was a fundamental tool in laying the foundation of Environmental Education for Sustainable Development, SDG Goal 4, We believe every child has the right to education. That’s why we’re part of the global movement to promote inclusive education for children with disabilities, and we work with partners to transform education systems through environmental education. This initiative also ties into the 1.5° goals such as a “globally responsible Guyana” and “youth leadership”. This competition sought to emphasize youth leadership and make Guyana more responsible in the environmental movement and proper waste disposal practices since they are the leaders of tomorrow.

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