Racial Harmony Mural

Racial Harmony Murals

Policy Forum Guyana took the decision to promote unity among Guyanese one step further by creating an everlasting impact. The decision was made to utilized a section of the fence of the McKenzie Sports Complex, Linden, and a Ball Field in Paradise, West Coast Berbice to create a message of awareness in a mural form.

The Sports Complex mural measured 20 x 7 ft, while the one at the Ball Field measured 27 x 7 ft.

Two young Guyanese artists, Nigel Butler, and Lloyd Goppie were chosen to create the masterpieces under the theme “United and Free”. It is our belief that with these messages, the public would be reminded that we are all Guyanese and racial tensions should be reduced. Not only was this achieved but when images of these murals were shared on our social media (Facebook), they reached a total of 5,809 persons.
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